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Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Below is a list of questions we frenquently get asked about our loft boarding. If you cant see the answer you are looking for please contact us


Can you board new build house?

Yes you can. It’s often said when you buy a new house that you shouldn’t go into the loft. This of course isn’t practical. As long as the floor is raised above the insulation for airflow and the structure is strengthened then it’s absolutely fine. We’ve done over 2000 new builds so far without any problems. We also have our own £1million public liability insurance but we’ve never had to use it.


How much insulation should I have?

The recommended about is 270mm. This is fine for newer houses but older properties may need additional airflow created so as not to suffocate the loft.


Can I pay by card?

Yes you can. We accept all major credit cards. We usually take payment via bank transfer but if you would rather spread the cost by using a credit card then just let us know.


What type of Boards do we use?

We always use the bigger 2.4m x 0.6m 18mm moisture resistant tongue and groove P5 boards. They last much longer than the small boards from DIY shops which are not moisture resistant and are only tongue and groove on two sides making them much weaker and perish quicker.


How do we raise our floors?

We use treated timber to raise most of our floors. It’s a much stronger way to do it and it strengthens the whole structure. With older properties where some of the old joists might have weak points, running timber in the opposite direction to the original ones spreads and distributes the weight more evenly. We’ve tested our floors to 1/4 of a ton per sqm without any movement at all.


Can we extend our loft opening?

Yes you can. If you have a truss roof (which are usually used for houses built from the 1990’s) they can be made longer but usually not wider because the trusses can’t be cut. If you have an older house they can be extended any way. We can then fit you a new custom cut drop down loft hatch.

What we can do

The loft is usually the biggest room in your house but most of us just leave it untouched because it seems so inaccessible. Here at Kent Loft Boarding we can change that by installing one of our quality loft ladders and turn your loft back into a part of your house and your life.


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